All of the following presentations are 45 minutes to an hour long.

1. The Business of Memory

Moving from good to great requires continuous learning, but all the learning in the world is worthless if you cannot recall what you know.

Not storing information in your mind is expensive, and can lead to embarrassment and poor judgment.  In our cutthroat and competitive business environment, what you HAVE learned and CAN recall may be the most telling advantage you will ever have over your competitors.

This seminar is about exposing you to a new way of thinking, and Kevin will empower you to realize your true potential.  He will impress you with his phenomenal memory, and motivate you with a number of tools and strategies to help you realize that you are a lot smarter than you think.  You will walk away with practical tips, tools, and techniques that you can implement right away in your business and at home.

2. Memory Mastery For The Sales Professional

Would you buy from someone who has to constantly refer to notes and can’t remember your name or the benefits and facts about their own product?

Investing in your memory creates certainty, certainty creates confidence, and confidence creates sales.

In this session you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how you remember and how to make things more memorable

  • Learn to remember names with ease

  • Remember sales and product knowledge

  • Learn and remember the eight fundamental questions that every client asks before you make a sale

  • Remember your presentations with ease

  • And so much more.



The following presentations will be tailored to your specific needs:

4. Are We All On the Same Page?

Your vision, mission and values consist of shared goals that bring your people together.

If your people don’t know your organisation’s vision, mission and values, what is the use of having them?

Kevin will use memory and accelerated learning principles to ingrain your organisation’s future plans.

A concise, fun, memorable and easy-to-implement message will be communicated. Get to know your vision, mission and values, because you can only live it if you can remember it.

5. Road Shows and Company Specific Presentations

Are you looking for a flexible speaker that can communicate a memorable message to groups around the country?  Contact us; we can help you.

6. Make Your Event and Content Memorable with Company-Specific Accelerated Training

Does your company have key information that you would like to be ingrained in your staff’s mind?

Kevin will create a session that makes any information come to life and stick in the minds of your participants.

Using the art of accelerated learning and focused concentration, Kevin will help your participants make more of your content and of their minds.

7. Endorsements

Kevin is available for product endorsements.

He will endorse any product or service that he believes in.