The presentations listed below are either a half day or a full day training session:

1. Information Mastery

Through the thousands of hours of education at school and university, not a single hour is spent on improving memory, concentration or learning ability. In this workshop, you will acquire tools that will improve your effectiveness and optimize your cognitive ability. The entire session is about exposing you to a new way of thinking. It is about stimulating a new culture: one in which you will always be changing and seeking better ways.

Information Mastery is a dynamic and interactive workshop. It focuses on integrating the latest, cutting-edge learning methods that have been modelled on the world’s best minds in the areas of accelerated learning, speed-reading and memory development.

There are four key areas that we focus on: memory, speed-reading, using technology productively and organizing all types of information.

2. Creating a Learning and Thinking Organization

If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you have always gotten. In this fun and interactive three-and-a-half-hour seminar Kevin offers a unique approach to self-development and learning.

 You will learn vital lessons through the medium of juggling:

  • Break down mental barriers and open up new pathways of perception

  • Learn how emphasis on the best process yields better results than simply focusing on the outcome

  • Shift mindsets, accelerate learning, improve creativity and thinking skills

  • Discover the ten emotions that improve performance and well-being.

 This seminar takes the magic and mystery out of success, and teaches fundamentals that will improve your mindsets to renew and reinvigorate your organization.

3. Memory Mastery For The Sales Professional

Would you buy from someone who has to refer constantly to notes and can’t remember your name or the benefits and facts about their own product?

Investing in your memory creates certainty, certainty creates confidence and confidence creates sales.

In this session you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how you remember and how to make things more memorable

  • Learn to remember names with ease

  • Remember sales and product knowledge

  • Learn and remember the eight key questions that every client asks before you make a sale

  • Remember your presentation with ease

  • And so much more.

4. Accelerated Learning for Students

Does your course require that you remember large amounts of information? Do you find it hard to get information into your head? Are you losing time, learning and relearning the same information over and over again? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this seminar, is perfect for you.
What will you discover in Accelerated Learning for Students?
This seminar is about exposing you to a new way of thinking, and you will learn how to train your memory,
enhance your mental ability, and keep your mind always agile and alert. You will also develop the skills that you need to have in order to remember the large amounts of information you need, for your studies.

You will discover:

The two most powerful memory methods, that you can use immediately to improve your marks
How to remember key information, that you need for tests and exams
How to improve your concentration and focus
How to organize information more effectively

A number of tools and strategies, that you can use to save time, make studying less stressful, and improve your revision skills.
An important truth: moving from good to great, requires continuous learning, but all the learning and training in the world is worthless, if you cannot recall what you know.
If you would like to benefit from Kevin’s knowledge and research, then change your future with this seminar.

5. How to Develop an Unlimited Memory

Do you have specific information that you need to remember, or integrate into your organisation?
In this seminar, you will learn to train your memory, enhance your mental ability, and keep your mind agile and alert. 

Skills that will be acquired are:

  • Improvement of your concentration and focus

  • Memory principles that make information stick

  • Guides tothe most effective memory systems and techniques

                           remember numbers, facts and all the things you need to do

                           use memory methods in order to give great presentations, without referring to notes.

  • 4 Ways to make names stick

  • Tips and techniques used by memory experts, to perform record breaking feats.

    Memory is a skill and is probably, the only business tool that is so overlooked and underused of all.

6. Company-Specific Accelerated Training

Does your company have key information that you would like to be ingrained in your staff’s mind?

Kevin will create a session that makes any information come to life and stick in the minds of your participants.

Using the art of accelerated learning and focused concentration, Kevin will help your participants make more of your content and of their minds.